Dear Twenty Five Year Old Me



So you turned 25.

We get it. I get it. You’re half way to 30. You haven’t accomplished what you wanted by now. You’re not married. The list goes on and on. But do me a huge favor, take a deep breath. You know what you are doing? Living, learning and loving.

Everyday that I can remember. You were stressing about things you shouldnt. What people think, what your exes are thinking, why didn’t this happen the way you wanted it to. Instead of stressing about the things you can’t control, which you do have a habit of doing. FYI, work on that please. It is not cute and it will burn you in so many different ways. Don’t think so? 2016, has been that year for you. Anyway, instead try to find a way to control yourself. Meaning your feelings and actions. If you say you are going to do something. Do it. If you want to be sad, do it.

Also, 25, you’re still young. God still so young. There is so much more out there to learn. You thought 2016 was a rough year, wait till you have in store of the rest of your life. But again, you can control it. It’s your life. I’m here to tell you, you are doing fine. You’re just a normal 20 something. Sure you can be a princess. Sure you can be dramatic but that makes you, you. You are also a kind person. A hard worker. A person with drive.

You are moving to New York here in November. That is close. So very close. Live today day to day. Have fun with your friends. Drink all the alcohol you want, well maybe. Make random trips to see your friends. Be kind to people. Be you. You surround yourself with great people. What more can you ask for?

You are living the life that you have been wanting. One day it will be perfect and the next it won’t be. It’s okay. That will happen. Keep on discovering yourself. Find hobbies you enjoy, talk to people who enlighten you, have fun in your free time.

I don’t want this letter to sound harsh or to put yourself down. I want this letter to lift that brick off your shoulder. It’s fine love. It’s your birthday. It’s your life.

Happy 25th Birthday!

I Am Everywhere

It’s been about 2 weeks since I have posted anything on my blog. It’s been such a rough few weeks for me. I haven’t felt like myself. Everything from reading books, listening to podcast, working out and just getting inspired. Nothing. I’ve noticed every time I did try to write or do any of the things I listed in the sentence earlier, it was like I was forcing it. And I don’t want to force anything.


My emotions have been everywhere. Feeling so lost. Wanting to fix everything in my life. Wanting everything to be perfect. One day I will be happy. The next I will be crying over nothing. It’s just been so much.  On top of everything, my dog passed away, unexpectedly. I have been very fortunate to not experience any deaths in my life, until now. Now it is like a reality check.  As you can tell, I am not taking it very easily.


So I told myself this, cut it out. You had your time. Get back up on your feet and start from step one.

With that, I will be taking photos this weekend for this blog. Along with having a better layout.


I am so excited and ready.


See you next Tuesday.

Must Have Sandals for Summer 2016

Lately, I have been doing more online shopping than I should. In a way I feel bad because I am spending when I know I need to be saving. Then I think, treat yourself. I’m not saying spend $500. Do it in moderation. Actually…there will be a different post about treating yourself. Be prepared.

Summer is finally here! Can you believe this week, it will be July?! Let’s all take it in that this year is FLYING. With the sun beaming and temperate rising, the last thing you want to do is wear shoes that make your feet sweat!

Lace is such a huge trend for this summer. I am going to sharing with you, 3 different type of lace sandals that are perfect for any day.

Note ** This is not sponsored by Topshop. I just love everything there. **


Tan Lace Up:

Sandals like these will go great for any casual day. Pair them up with a simple t shirt and jeans, it makes the perfect effortless look.



Lace Sandal Heel:

Out and about with your errands. Meeting with friends for lunch. Great for if you want some height if you are a little girl like myself.



Blue Lace Heel:

How fun are these?! Out on a date to a nice dinner. Maybe a presentation for work. These shoes say you are a woman who is fun and determined.


I went Skydiving This Weekend and It Was AWESOME!



Never thought I would say this but after reading the title, I went skydiving!!! I can check this off my bucket list. You guys, it was the coolest experience ever! Going to give a break down and back story to this event.

I like adventure and I like the adrenaline rush. But I always second guess going skydiving. Out of the blue, I get a text from my friend Tony. The exact text read “Want to go skydiving for my birthday?”. Like it was so non challant. I thought about it for a good 4 seconds and replied back with a “hell yes”.

I’ve seen numerous of YouTube videos of it but to actually experience it, that’s a different story.

Note to self: Don’t drink heavily the day before the big event. Didn’t get that much sleep at all! Went to bed at around 3am and woke up at 6am. I. Was. Miserable.

When we got there, the place looked sort of out dated to me. Then I thought to myself, it is a skydiving place, there’s no need to be fancy. As we walked in, we were greeted by the employees and huge packet to sign our waivers.

My instructor was fun but to be honest, kind of annoyed me. He joked around way too much for my liking. The whole time I was just so anxious. I kept on reassuring myself that everything will be okay. As we got on the plane, that’s when my nerves were slowly drifting away.  Everyone was screaming and hyping each other for this moment!  We were jumping from 14,000 feet! It took quite a bit to get up that high. But once we hit that 14k it was show time.

Of course, I was the last to jump off. Everyone’s face was priceless! It was like “holy shit am I really doing to do this!” One by one, everyone went. They left the plane so fast, I couldn’t even believe it. Then it was my turn. As I was crawling to the edge of the plane, I didn’t back out. My nerves went away and I was ready. Before I knew it, I’m floating in the air! That was my favorite part of the experience. The jump. We jumped in a twirl. I screamed “WOOOOO!!! OMG!!!”

Not going to lie to y’all, after the jump I kind of got bored. The view we had wasn’t the greatest, I mean we are in Texas. I was just like okay get me to the ground now.

Overall, it was such a bad ass time! Like I literally went sky diving. In my opinion, I think you need to do at least one thing that scares you. Whether it is presenting a speech, eating snakes or skydiving.

Work to Night Out Outfit

First thing first, I want to point out that I am fortunate to work for a company where jeans and a t shirt is acceptable. But what if I had plans for later that night and don’t have time to change?  Or What if my job actually required a dress and blazer?

Well, I want to share with you an outfit I chose anyone can switch from day to night. Or in this case, work to night out.

I personally am a fan of shirts and blouses. It’s a simple piece that makes a statement. For the example I am using, I am going to use this button down shirt from Zara.

 zara checked shirt

For Work:

I would pair this top with a pencil skirt. It is both feminine and badass at the same time.

It was not until recently that I was a fan of pencil skirts. Back story to it, I hated my curves. I hated that I did not look like any of those “runway” models. I wanted to hide my curves every chance I got. But thanks to some books and wonderful people in my life, I realized my body is beautiful! I am made this way, why hide it?

To Embrace your curves; wear pencil skirts. It is also, still very professional.

Below is a navy pencil skirt from ASOS. I chose navy since it is a settled color. The shirt has red; it makes the bold statement. To pair it off, I would wear either nude or black heels.

 asos high waisted pencil skirt

For A Night Out:
You get a text from a friend as your about to go to bed. “Happy Hour at 5:45.” Yikes! That is cutting it close for you since you get off at 5. With traffic and maybe last minute reports/duties from your boss, you have no time!

Since you planned on wearing the pencil skirt to work, pack a pair of your favorite high waist or just plain girlfriend jeans.

I love high waist jeans! Since I am a petite girl, I need anything that could help me make my legs longer. Jeans that sit below or on my waist, will make me look stubby and shorter than I am. With the high waist, I could tie the button shirt at the ends and make a bow.

To top off the outfit, pair them with either the nude or black heels you chose for the work outfit.

Below I have a photo of high waist jeans from Topshop.


There you have it! That was my take on a “work to night out” outfit.

If anyone has any suggestions or tried this idea out before, let me know!