A Coffee You Need to Try

Does anyone else wake up craving a cup of coffee?  I for damn sure do.

Well, this past week, I finally bought myself a coffee maker! Didn’t even realize this but I made myself a progress journal only to find out that one of my goals for May was to buy a coffee maker! Yay for accomplishing a personal goal!

Another cool thing happened, Ed who represents Bristol Coffee Nicaragua contacted me and let me try out a sample of their coffee! Ya’ll. I LOVED this coffee and am very excited to share my experience with you.

Here we go:

The background: This coffee was made from the grounds of Nicaragua. The brothers, Marshall and Arthur Vaughan, chose this country because of their rich soils. They have both beans and grounds. Personally, I love grounds because who has the time to grind the beans?! Lastly, this is UTZ AND Rainforest Alliance certified! Yay for being employee and eco-friendly!

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The LOOK:  The packaging is super cute and convenient. It won’t take too much room in the pantry plus it’s easy to pour it into the coffee cup!

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The Smell: It has a smooth, rich with a bit of chocolate smell.

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The Taste: I had two different experiences with the coffee. First, I tried it out with my coworkers. Since it was a sample, I did not use much of it, because of that it came out very light. Which is fine, everyone liked it but I wanted it to be a tad bit darker.

So, I tried it another time, only with myself on a lovely Saturday morning. For a cup for one, this is perfect! It was dark, rich and smooth just like the smell. When I added a bit of vanilla creme to it….delicious!

All and All, this brand is great! I would totally recommend this to anyone who enjoys a cup of coffee. It is also very affordable. Actually, here is the link to make your purchase: https://www.bristolnicaragua.com/

Thank you to Ed and Bristol Coffee Nicaragua family for letting me try it out!!

What I have Learned in Three Months

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Want to hear some exciting news? I’ve hit my three-month mark of living in NYC! Can’t say this enough but time sure does fly! This may not seem like a lot to some people but to me, it made a huge impact in my life. So many ups and downs, there even would be times when I would think to myself, what the hell am I doing here?! But as of right now, I am happy where I am. Career wise no but to everything else, I am.

I took control of it and will continue to do so.

Enough with the with ramble, I want to share with you all What I have learned in three months:

  1. Always have some cash on you. (You never know when you want a $3 pizza slice.)
  2. Download Google Maps or Transit. (This will save your life!)
  3. Always be prepared. (Look out for yourself. Remind yourself why you moved here!)
  4. Do NOT buy your groceries on Sundays.
  5. You will fall asleep on the subway and miss your stop.
  6. There are nice people!
  7. Protect your belongings! (Pick Pockets!)
  8. Days will for sure fly by.
  9. Korean Food is the best.
  10. You will for sure have a live concert outside your window, thanks to your neighbors!
  11. Headphones are a blessing.
  12. You will master the subway system… or not. (Time will tell)
  13. Getting to the opposite side of the city is the worst! (Westside to Eastside)
  14. Your friends will always want to visit.
  15. Union square at night is so peaceful.
  16. Manhattan is literally a grind. (Avenues vertical and Streets go horizontal)
  17. You will spend $6+ on an Iced coffee but it will be so worth it.
  18. Having a staring contest on the subway is totally fun.
  19. You will complain about everything.
  20. STAY STRONG!!!!!